Collect Large File

Collect large file flow is used to upload a potentially large file to the Google Cloud Storage. A signed URL needs to be provided, to which the file will be uploaded. The flow returns a session URL which can be used to monitor or cancel the upload.

Decrypting the file

The uploaded file is encrypted and can be decrypted using the Python API:

from grr_api_client import api

        input_path="encrypted_file", output_path="decrypted_file")

or the command line API shell:

gsutil cat gs://bucket/encrypted_file | \
grr_api_shell --basic_auth_username "user" --basic_auth_password "pwd" \
    --exec_code 'grrapi.Client("C.1234567890ABCDEF").Flow("F:BB628B23").Get().DecryptLargeFile()' \
    http://localhost:1234 > decrypted_file


This flow cannot run as fleet collection.