Quickstart (have GRR running in 5 minutes)

This page describes how to get GRR clients and server components up and running for the first time. If you have Docker installed, and just want to experiment with a container that already has GRR set up, you can follow the instructions given here. It takes ~2 minutes to download the image and initialize the server.

To start, install the GRR server deb as described here.

On successful installation, you should have an admin interface running on port 8000 by default. Open the Admin UI in a browser, navigate to Manage Binaries -> Executables (details here) and download the installer you need.

Next, run the client installer on the target machine (can be the same machine as the one running the GRR server components) as root:

  • For Windows you will see a 32 and 64 bit installer. Run the installer as admin (it should load the UAC prompt if you are not admin). It should run silently and install the client to c:\windows\system32\grr\%version%\. It will also install a Windows Service, start it, and configure the registry keys to make it talk to the URL/server you specified during repack of the clients on the server.
  • For OSX you will see a pkg file, install the pkg. It will add a launchd item and start it.
  • For Linux you will see a deb and rpms, install the appropriate one. For testing purposes you can run the client on the same machine as the server if you like.

After install, hit Enter in the search box in the top left corner of the UI to see all of your clients that have enrolled with the server. If you don’t see clients, follow the troubleshooting steps.