Importing the NSRL

The National Software Registry List (NSRL) is a collection of known software managed by NIST. It is commonly used in forensics to reduce the scope of analysis of already known software. This is typically done by whitelisting anything on the NSRL by hash.

GRR has the ability to import the NSRL. This function prepopulates the GRR datastore with all known hashes and reduces the need for GRR to collect these from the client systems. This can be done by downloading the latest quarterly release of the NSRL from NIST.

  1. Download NSRL from NIST
  2. Expand the zipped file containing hashes
  3. Run “” with the appropriate configuration options
~/grr/tools# python --config /etc/grr/grr-server.yaml --filename /media/<path to expanded NSRL>/NSRLFile.txt
Imported 5000 hashes
Imported 10000 hashes
Imported 15000 hashes
Imported 20000 hashes
Imported 25000 hashes