Note on the AFF4 datastore deprecation

Starting from the version GRR uses a new datastore format by default - REL_DB. REL_DB is backwards-incompatible with the now-deprecated AFF4 datastore format (even though they both use MySQL as a backend).

Use of AFF4-based deployments is now discouraged. REL_DB is expected to be much more stable and performant. Please see these docs if you’re upgrading an older GRR version and would like to try out the new datastore.

Installing from a HEAD DEB

  1. If the Google Cloud SDK is not already installed, download a tarball for the latest version from and extract it to somewhere on your filesystem, e.g:

    tar zxf google-cloud-sdk-180.0.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz -C "${HOME}"

    Alternatively, you can install the SDK using apt-get as described in

  2. Use gsutil to copy the server deb from its GCS bucket to your local machine:

    $HOME/google-cloud-sdk/bin/gsutil cp gs://*.deb .
  3. Install the server deb the same way you would a release deb.