Hunt Controls

Create a new hunt


Use this button to create a new hunt.

Start a Hunt

play button

Use this button to start a newly created hunt. New hunts are created in the PAUSED state, so you’ll need to do this to run them. Hunts that reach their client limit will also be set to PAUSED, use this button to restart them after you have removed the client limit (see modify below).

Stop a Hunt

stop button

Stopping a hunt will prevent new clients from being scheduled and interrupt in-progress flows the next time they change state. This is a hard stop, so in-progress results will be lost, but results already reported are unaffected. Once a hunt is stopped, there is no way to start it again.

Modify a Hunt


The modify button allows you to change the hunt client limit and the hunt expiry time. Typically you use this to remove (set to 0) or increase a client limit to let the hunt run on more machines. Modifying an existing hunt doesn’t require re-approval. Hunts can only be modified in the PAUSED state.

Copy a Hunt


The copy button creates a new hunt with the same set of parameters as the currently selected one. If you find a mistake in a scheduled hunt and have to stop it, this button can be used to quickly reschedule a fixed version of the hunt.

Delete a Hunt


Use this to remove an unwanted hunt. For accountability reasons hunts can only be deleted if they haven’t run on any clients.

Show automated hunts


Use this button to display all hunts, including those created by cronjobs. These are hidden by default to reduce UI clutter.